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Welcome to the most significant marine mammals sanctuary of the world

The Estancia Rincón Chico is an exclusive property located in the Patagonian Sea coast, in the southeast corner of the Península Valdés, a declared “World Heritage Site” -in 1999- and “Biosphere Reserve” -in 2014- by UNESCO.

The southwest corner of the Atlantic Ocean, known as the Patagonian Sea, covers the so-called “Large Marine Ecosystem Patagonian shelf” and is one of the richest marine areas on Earth harboring populations of right whales, elephant seals, sea lions, orcas -and other smaller dolphins-, penguins, and numerous species of birds and fish.

We are the fifth generation of two settler families who have lived in the Península for over 120 years, and since 2001 we´ve opened the “gates” of our ranch to share with guests from all over the world the experience of living in this unique place surrounded by nature.

For wildlife and science Rincón Chico is one of the most iconic properties of Valdés, for this reason we manage the place through our foundation, Conservación Península Valdés (CPV), a non-profit organization specialized in steppe and wildlife conservation projects.

The estancia has a unique Lodge to accommodate visitors who arrive from all over the world to explore this unique natural paradise of Patagonia, and through the responsible ecoturism we generate awareness and dedication to conservation. The place has been awarded several times by world famous institutions such as National Geographic and the BBC, and the income generated from its activities is invested directly in the projects that are carried out, so with their visit all the guests are supporting the CPV work.

We are looking forward to receive you.