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To us Patagonia is not just one more place in the world, it is our place. We choose to enjoy it in our Rincón, our cozy nook, where our Patagonia is synthesized in a unique way.

Quite simply, our philosophy is harmonious coexistence. Within our protected borders we make every effort to preserve the environment and its natural cycles, because our estancia serves as critical habitat for countless species of birds and reptiles as well as marine and terrestrial mammals. The estancia itself, is established as a functional sheep ranch, and is an uncommon fusion between wild Patagonia and the vast expanse of rangeland that is Rincón Chico.

In order to enjoy life and the moments it offers, you need to devote enough time to savor them. Stay with us and be awakened by the song of the larks, discover the reddish shades at dusk, enjoy the longest rainbow you have ever seen and encounter an endless sky full of stars. At our estancia you will feel that you have known our farmhouse for years and its memory will be unforgettable.

That’s why we want to invite you to share with us the experience of connecting man and nature. Relax and feel time slow down in this quiet atmosphere.

We are looking forward to having you with us.