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Scientific Activities

Estancia Rincón Chico`s beaches are a natural laboratory for studying the southern elephant seals and their behavior. Dr. Claudio Campagna, the leading biologist and researcher of pinnipeds in Argentina, conducted a 16 year long research project on the shores of Rincon Chico. The information he gathered through his hard work has provided valuable insight into the secret lives of the seals that live solitary in deep ocean waters, and would otherwise be a mystery. His publications continue to educate people worldwide, and promote the conservation of the seals and the protection of the aquatic environment in which they live.

“… the fascinating wildlife spectacles of this coastline motivated a long-term conservation and research project on the biology of the southern elephant seals throughout the annual cycle, supported by the National Research Council of Argentina and the Wildlife Conservation Society…”

Dr. Claudio Campagna / Dra. Mirtha Lewis
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
Centro Nacional Patagónico (CENPAT).
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

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