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Over a century ago, when the first members of the family founded the ranch, they decided to built the facilities (house, corrals, barn, windmill, water cisterns) right in the coast of one of the most beautiful beaches of Rincón Chico where they discovered underground fresh water reservoirs, the most important element for surviving in Patagonia. After some years, they realize the weather conditions near the ocean were not the best because it was colder than other places of the property and without natural firewood for heating. For that reason, they decided to move the main buildings to the location where they are nowadays.

Today, a few meters from the ancient tamarisk trees, the first windmill of the ranch, and the foundations of the old constructions, is where the beach Cottage is located, facing the Patagonian Sea and claiming the desire of the ancestors of living in one of the most amazing and pristine spots.

The unique and exclusive possibility of watching the elephant seals, sea lions, orcas and whales through the huge front windows of the living room, bedrooms and kitchen, or sitting outside in the large wooden deck. And the chance to see through the back windows the rheas, guanacos and maras while feeding on the vast grasslands who surround the house.

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