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The property belongs to the descendants of two of the earliest pioneer families of the Península Valdés, the Olazábal and the Endara family, we are the fifth generation of settlers that inhabited the Península over 120 years ago.

Our first ancestor to arrive was Don Félix Olazábal, French Basque, who traveled on horseback from the Province of Buenos Aires to the Valdés Península in 1897 herding 800 Australian Merino sheep. Natural caves in the cliffs of what is now the town of Puerto Pirámides were their first home. Eventually large lots of land for sheep farming were purchased, and now more than a century after their arrival his heirs continue their legacy.

In 1899 our great grandmother, Doña Francisca Endara, also French Basque, began raising Australian Merino sheep in the north of the Península Valdés as well, acquiring thousands of acres and founded several ranches. Its farms have become an oasis in the middle of the Patagonian desert.

We continue with pride the tradition of our ancestors to breed extra fine Australian Merino sheep for wool production, and in 1996 incorporated into the activities with a prestigious group of scientists the study and conservation of wildlife, and since 2001 opened the doors to share with guests from all around the world the tranquility of living in this unique place surrounded by nature.

We are your hosts,

María & Agustín.

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